Friday, March 18, 2011

I can see the light....

Renovations are finally coming to a close and this girl could not be happier! As fantastic as the house looks, this project was quite something to live through. A word of advice: if you're doing renovations that extend through your whole house, move out while it's happening. I feel like I've probably inhaled my weight in dust and grout powder. I'm just guessing that the kids have done the same. Nice one, mom! Hopefully they won't have any long-lasting pulmonary effects!

Here's a run-down of what's done......and what's yet to come:

--Tile floors are laid in all 3 bathrooms and the two entryways
--The old fiberglass shower has been ripped out and a brand new, sparkling tile shower has replaced it (swoon!)
--The garage door opener has been replaced with a new, belt-driven one. I don't know what this means except that it's quieter and the opener I keep in my car is smaller. Also, there's a keypad in case I loose said opener.
--The kitchen sink is now 9.5 inches deep and stainless steel instead of old stained 5 inch white nastiness. The sink may be the highlight of the renovations for me. I'm pretty sure I could climb in and take a bath in it. It is a beautiful thing!
--My personal favorite: tile around the master jacuzzi tub. I'm in love with this and it was a decision made on a whim after working a night shift and being awake for 24+ hours. I was talking to the contractor about the shower and moved to what I didn't like about the tub (a wooden baseboard around the top that gets wet and looks yucky). He said, "If this was my bathroom, here's what I'd do..." and the idea took off from there. He only charged for materials (not labor) and it only added a couple hundred bucks to the final price. Sooooooo worth it!!

--There are insulation guys here today putting in our much-needed new insulation. Finally Trey's room won't feel like a freezer when he gets up in the morning. They claim big energy savings. We'll see. But, it absolutely has to be better than the no-insulation-at-all thing we've had going on since the ice damage!
--A new water softener system? This is in the works and will hopefully be done before the summer. You see, we have well water. I know, who has well water in 2011?? But we do, and I'm pretty sure it's toxic and slowly poisoning all of us. Even though the tests claim it's safe, I'm not buying it. Really, can orange water be safe?? We have major iron issues and I think our current system is as old as the house (20 years). So, for the health and well-being of my family, it's time to replace it.

Lots and lots of changes going on here! But, it's all starting to come together and look great. I can't wait until I no longer have to sit and wait for repairmen, make idle chit chat with them, and can fold my undies without an audience of strange men in my living room. I'll post pics when it's all cleaned up. That's what I'm doing now. I started with the 1/2 bath just so I feel like I've accomplished something! Spring cleaning at its finest.

In other news, we're heading to Florida to visit Bobby's dad on the 28th. Can't wait for some fun in the sun and sand!! We're also having a teacher from Thailand coming to live with us for 2 weeks in April. It's part of an exchange program through Ben Davis and we're really excited to experience someone from a different culture. Both Bobby and I think it will be awesome for the kids to gain some global perspective in their tiny little minds. I'm secretly hoping he'll be a culinary master and want to whip us up an authentic Thai dinner. A girl can dream!

Until next time.....

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