Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tile and painting and drywall, oh my!

So, the ice storm of 2011 left la casa de Chin in a state of disrepair. We had the infamous "ice damming" that the news has been doing stories about. Basically, this means that the ice landed on the roof and froze and then had no place to go when the melting started because of the enormous amount of it. When water can't run off the roof and down through the gutters (because they're frozen solid) it pools on the roof and comes straight through.....into the house. And it leaves devastation in its path--soaked insulation, faucet-like pouring through light fixtures and window frames, saturated ceilings and drywall, you get the picture. Imagine the panic when you see water dripping through your light fixtures and knowing you are powerless to stop it. Yep, thanks Indiana weather--we love you.

We've had Service Master here to cut out drywall, remove insulation and ceiling parts, and run fans and de-humidifiers for a few days. The insurance adjuster was here to survey the damage and cut us a check (minus the $1000 deductible--ouch!). Now, it is time for repairs. In true Chin family fashion, we can't do anything halfway soooooooooo......we're re-doing the whole house. Ok, maybe not the WHOLE house, but a large portion of it. The ice damage occurred in Trey's bedroom, our master bathroom, and the eat-in kitchen area. Since our master bathroom has always been on our short list of remodels, we decided to go for it while it's torn up anyway. That led to ripping out the old fiberglass shower and tiling a new one, laying tile on the floor in there, and while we're laying tile there, we may as well do the entry-ways and downstairs bathroom too right? And since we have to re-paint where they put up new drywall, let's just repaint the entire kitchen, playroom, master bed and bath, Trey's room, and Emmy's new room while we're at it. Wow. This did seem like a good idea at first. What was I thinking??

Right now, I'm fighting panic attacks at the sight of all the clutter. The playroom is first because we don't have to wait on construction guys to do anything. So, the kids' toys are piled in the middle of the room and we put a primer coat up last night....at 8pm after putting the kids to bed. Tonight will be the first coat of paint and then we'll see if it needs a second. Probably. Did I mention that we're covering up red walls?

Drywall guy is coming tomorrow and tile guy may start this week too. The hardest part of all this is that it's not just one area of the house. It's the whole. entire. thing. First floor, second floor, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, playroom. Deep breaths. The anxiety is coming back. I hope the kids enjoy the Wii a lot for the next few weeks! That's the only room where they can play freely at this point. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. Our house is going to be like a brand new place when this is all finished--just have to get there! So, if I call you up begging to come over and play, please let me so I don't have a nervous break-down.