Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution tag

Ok Jennifer, this means I have to actually update this blog huh?  Well, maybe one of my resolutions should be to keep up with it a little better.  Ok, ok, I've been tagged to offer up my New Years' resolutions.  Here it goes, in no particular order.....

1)  Bobby and I have vowed to start eating healthier again.  We were doing great this summer when our garden was in full bloom and fresh veggies were plentiful.  But the cold, drab Indiana winter has taken over our will and we've succumbed to crappy eating habits.  So, that's my biggest resolution--a healthier way of eating.  I don't want to say "diet" because I know myself and I don't stick to diets.  (Even though Bobby purchased the Abs Diet book and is determined to stick to it.)  I'm just going to make sure I incorporate more fruits and veggies (and tell myself definitively that no, ketchup is NOT a vegetable), whole grains, and healthy proteins.  Hopefully the result will be the shedding of these last 5-7lbs of baby weight.  Now that she's 6 months old, that excuse is starting to get a little thin!

2)  Along the same lines, I'm also taking baby steps to incorporate more movement and exercise into my life.  There's no way I'll actually get up early to go to the gym and work out.  I'm not delusional!  And with two kids, I'll easily talk myself out of a long workout.  But, I've already started taking the stairs at work, parking farther away from the door at the grocery store, etc.  I also have the dumbbells and exercise ball sitting in the living room where I have to trip over them so I won't ignore them.  I've already done some crunches this morning (yay me!) and some bicep curls.  Slowly but surely, this flabby jiggly stuff will go away.  It will, won't it?

3)  I got a sewing machine for Christmas--hooray!  I decided that I need to pick up a hobby and sewing is it.  My grandma is an amazing seamstress and I used to play around with her help when I was younger.  But I haven't truly sewn anything since 8th grade home ec.  That will all change in 2009!  I have already started on a cute little tank top for Emerson.  It's slow going since I only get about 30 minutes at a time to work on it (and I have to look up every sewing term that I don't remember), but I'm enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  It's amazing to be able to see my progress and know that I'm actually creating something my daughter will use.  I'm going to force myself to set aside some time each day (or at least every other day) to work on my projects.  It's a great outlet and lets me do something for me.  That doesn't happen very often!

4)  I want to continue to be the very best mom and wife I can be.  I think this one goes without saying but I feel like it should be here to remind me.  My kids are my world and I would do absolutely ANYTHING for them!  I need to remember to also do the same for my husband.  Sometimes he gets ignored because I'm so focused on the kiddos.  This year is the year that I re-focus on him too.  Bobby, are you reading this?

I'm not sure how many I'm supposed to make but I'm going to stop there.  I don't want to get too lofty in my goals because then I won't stick to any of them.  Since they're now in writing for all to see, does that mean I have to be more committed to them?  Uh oh, didn't think of that!  Well, there's my motivation right?  Bring it on 2009!
I don't really know how this works but I think I'm now supposed to tag people, right?  Well, I tag Jody, Jen H., and Renee since those are the only other people who might read my blog!  Have fun girls!